Welcome to www.tl1000s.com

This web site is a small window into my 10 year obsession with the
TL1000. From the various progression of race bikes, performance
engine work to the downright 200bhp insane supercharged TLS

I race with the NHCA and Auto66 clubs in the UK, Mostly
Hill Climbing and Twisty Sprints with the odd Road Race or Trackday
in between.

Hill Climbing is racing individually against the clock over a pre determined
tarmac coarse (ranging from country manor drives to road racing circuits).
Tyre warmers are not allowed, and with limited runs to improve on your
times crashes are frequent ! Mistakes are costly which makes this sport very technical and unique.

I race an extremely modified 1999 TL1000S as you would expect, last year was the complete purpose built supercharged bike, this year gone is the supercharger to be replaced with a 1080cc 145bhp lump.

I've been Hill Climbing for 12 years now, starting on a naked Suzuki RF900 with flat bars ! The inline 4 cylinder was difficult to ride on the limit with it's on/off power delivery and with such a high revving engine gave little chance of saving high sides. Since trying a TL it left me converted to V-twins, so much low down torque and low revving lazy engine makes for an idiot proof package and ideal Hill Climb Machine.

Almost as soon as I changed to the TL the wins and overall championships soon followed.

Enjoy this site and please sign the guest book.


(If you need an engine work/repairs or simply want to pick my brains,
Please feel free to email me and I'll try my best to help)